Inovaxe is focused on developing state-of-the-art low to High Volume/High Mix Manufacturing. Our solutions are designed and developed using decades of combined real-world experience in managing production and inventory in electronics manufacturing environments, and resolve fundamental problems associated with managing work in progress (WIP) and production activities.

Until Inovaxe’s solutions came into the market, electronics manufacturers endured generic, unfocused products that did not manage their specific production and inventory management needs. Material handling systems were limited to racks, bins, buckets and generic carts that were loosely adapted to the electronics manufacturers’ needs. Software solutions were designed to have broad applications ― generic solutions used for CNC machine shops, plastics manufacturers, electronic manufacturers as well as a variety of assembly-type houses.

E-chain Kft. is our distributor partner in Hungary, see us on E-chain’s booth!

Fotó: E-Chain Kft.