About the Company:

Remred Ltd. is a Budapest-based space engineering spin-off company of the Hungarian Centre for Energy Research, with a significant, close to 50-year heritage in space engineering validated through numerous projects commissioned by world-leading space agencies such as ESA, NASA, DLR, among others. Remred is pioneering in the Space Safety and Space Dosimetry domains, with multiple instruments actively working on the ISS for decades without fail. All our developments are designed, developed, and tested in accordance with the extremely high standards required in the space industry. Remred Ltd. is Hungary’s leading and most rapidly growing space engineering company underpinned by our participation in high-profile missions such as NASA’s Lunar Gateway program or ESA’s Mars Sample Return mission.

REMTECH development:

We envision the Company to become a key European stakeholder in the small satellite integration market, which we aim to achieve with the ambitious development of our REMTECH facility, a Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration & Testing Technology Center which will significantly extend our capabilities. The Center, a 25-30M EUR development will have a working area of 3.700 m2, with a Cleanroom area of: 1.400 m2.