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For 32 years, MM Műszaki Magazin has been a well-known magazine in the circles of the Hungarian industrial companies and technical life. Every month it reports on national and international technological innovations and technical novelties. The topics covered by the magazine incorporate nearly all production and innovation sectors. It provides a comprehensive overview of the technological novelties of the near future and informs its readers of the current state of the industry on a national, as well as international level – courtesy of a partnership with MM MaschinenMarkt. The magazine is also available in a digital format on its regularly updated online outlet: www.muszaki-magazin.hu

Contact details:
Adress: H–1026 Budapest, Fillér u. 36.
Contact person: Zsolt Mészáros, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., + 36 70 5495 982

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