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We are SOS electronic, and we have been part of the European distribution market for electronic components for more than 30 years. And that is no coincidence.

A small Central European company has become a global supplier of solutions for customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Your company can also benefit from the experience we have gained. Whether you are in the development phase of your product, in the process of purchasing components, testing, production itself, or you are just dreaming about your product and drawing the idea on a flipchart. We stand by you.

Let us thus offer our electronic component distribution services to your company as well. We
can be of benefit to you and here are 5 main reasons.

1. Effective customer management

We maximize the performance of our sales team and back office to bring you a quick response to your requests, in the language that is closest to you. Our salesmen communicate in English, German, Italian, French, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, and Slovak.

2. Expert advice

We will gladly provide you with professional services and help in choosing a product, orientation on the market with components, technical support, information on the current availability of your chosen product and in many cases samples, borrowing the selected products, or development kits.

Based on our long-term partnerships with world brands, we are able to provide you with direct technical support when choosing the most suitable solution for a specific application.

3. Stable partner

As a subsidiary of the Conrad Group and based on our company's financial indicators, we are a reliable and stable partner that fulfills all its obligations. Both towards the state and towards our suppliers, customers, partners, and employees.

4. Fast shipments deliveries

We have our own European logistics center located in a strategic location in Košice, Slovakia, which enables us to deliver your shipments safely and in a short time.

5. Satisfied customers

Business partners all over the world and in various segments put their trust in us. Our components can be found high up in outer space, as well as deep in the sea, in technical solutions for waste management, medical devices, in security systems or Smart City / IoT solutions.

Become a part of our unique journey towards the technologies of the future. We are looking forward to meet you.

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