During the presentation, Mr Dyckson Soo (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) from ViTrox Technologies will share the AI-Powered Solution that aims to ease the challenges of manufacturing and achieve greater value for our customers. ViTrox’s AI-Powered Solution will greatly improve the reliability and consistency of data justification and further optimise manufacturing efficiency with operation and labour cost reduction and minimise human interference in justifying data.

The AOI AI Smart Programming can support customers quickly and accurately program the AOI to inspect boards with a high density of electronic packages and joints. The AI algorithms can be trained on large datasets of images and measurements that comply with the industry standard, allowing the AI model to learn patterns and identify defects with high accuracy. This can improve inspection accuracy, and reduce programming time.

In addition to AI Programming, ViTrox Verification Tool Solution (VVTS) also utilise AI technology for automated and intelligent inspection data justification. We can configure AI to automatically judge true defects and retain true NG calls from AOI for operators’ further actions. With AI, we can reduce our customer's reliance on operators manually verifying the NG calls from AOI, which is prone to human mistakes and misjudgement. This can help manufacturers improve the quality of their products to reduce wastage, optimise their manufacturing efficiency and further improve yield.

Overall, the integration of AI technology in optical inspection systems can provide significant benefits in accuracy, efficiency, and process improvement, making it an increasingly important tool in smart manufacturing.

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