83 participants from 17 high schools took part in the MELT Student Soldering Competition.

The first three places:

  1. Dávid Elek, Beregszászi Pál Technikum, Debrecen
  2. Botond Fabók, Boronkay György Műszaki Technikum, Vác
  3. Balázs Elek, Beregszászi Pál Technikum, Debrecen

Best team: Szent József Katolikus Elektronikus Technikum, Jászberény

The award ceremony of the MELT Student Soldering Competition was held at the SZC Beregszászi Pál Technikum in Debrecen, where two students also achieved a place: the 1st place winner was Elek Dávid, and the 3rd place winner was his younger brother Elek Balázs. In the photo, from left to right: Péter Regős, the main organizer of the competition, Dávid Elek, preparatory teacher József Márkus with the 1st prize, an Ersa soldering station, and Balázs Elek.

The task is to solder a TH and SMD components populated PCBA within 25 minutes. The good job will be justified by lighting LEDs.

A soldering trainer will evaluate the work of the students according to scoring rules specified in advance.

The winner student will enjoy a prize of Ersa Pico soldering station offered by Microsolder.

In this year the high school entered the best team will be awarded by a Tenma 2 in 1 SMD rework station offered by Microdis.

The teams involve at least 3 contestants will be put in order according to the average scores what their team members reached.

Photo: Attila Polyák
The winners of the 2022 Competition